Interviu K.C.Hilton

In 2013 se va lansa „My name is Rapunzel” si pentru ca mi-a atras atentia am furat un interviu cu autoarea K.C.Hilton care a fost foarte draguta. Ea a scris:

Finkleton series

Most folks say, „Mother Nature controls the rain.” However this is not the case in the village of Finkleton.

In the perfect little village of Finkleton, the weather is always perfect. Every farm grows the best, biggest, healthiest crops in the entire world, and everyone is happy.

Soon after the Finkles inherit their Uncle Harry’s shop and move to Finkleton, they discover magical secrets hidden in his shop. One clue at a time, Jack, Lizzy and Robert learn the town’s amazing secret. No, Mother Nature is not in charge in Finkleton!

Ever since Uncle Harry’s death, the weather has not been cooperating. Farms are starting to fail. Will the Finkle children be able to solve all the magical mysteries before the village is destroyed?

Come along to Finkleton. A very special, magical adventure is about to begin!

When the Finkle children discovered magical secrets in Uncle Harry’s shop, they vowed to keep them safe. Two years later Jack, Lizzy and Robert realized that the perfect weather wasn’t the only secret waiting to be discovered in the mysterious shop. Things aren’t always what they seem to be!

There were people who would stop at nothing to acquire land in Finkleton. Of course, there were also those determined to protect the little village from greedy outsiders. Will selfish desires destroy the village of Finkleton?

It was only a matter of time before those who cared about Finkleton and those who cared only for themselves would come into conflict. The result of this outcome would likewise depend on a matter of time.

Once again Jack, Lizzy and Robert must learn to work together to protect the magical secrets of Finkleton.

Come along to Finkleton. A new, magical adventure is about to begin!

90 Miles to Freedom

„The counselor suggested I start a journal and write down my thoughts. He called it ‘Journal Therapy’ and said it would help me cope with my feelings.”

„I’m not sure where to begin, except to say that I had a wonderful life. Actually, it was a perfect life. A loving family and everything money could buy. A life envied by all, but it was stolen from me. I know I made a mistake. But I’m the one struggling to forgive myself.”

„To explain I need to start from the beginning. But before I do, I must be honest and admit that I wasn’t perfect. No, I had a secret. A secret that came with a price. A secret that will haunt my dreams forever.”

Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster.

My Name is Rapunzel

Fairy tales are for children. My name is Rapunzel and I will tell you my story. I will tell you the truth.


K.C. Hilton

Born and raised in Aurora, Illinois I spent my childhood playing street games with the neighborhood kids. When I wasn’t outside, I spent much of my time reading and getting lost in adventurous worlds and whirlwind courtships. At the age of seventeen, I moved to Kentucky and eventually began to raise a family of my own.

I have always been entranced by stories of magical adventure, and though I have had to live in the practical world, running a family business as well as two of my own, I have discovered that writing is an entirely new, exciting adventure all on its own!

We have a large family and our get togethers are so much fun! And did I mention that I’m a photographer? Yes, I take tons of photos! We also have a mini dachshund, her name is “Roxy” she only weighs 10 pounds but is a huge part of our family. She’s so spoiled!

In my spare time, I can be found updating my website or blog, finding great books to read or watching videos. Most days I crave Diet Coke, pizza and chocolate, in no particular order.

I don’t read scary books or watch horror movies… I’m way too scared! Lol.

1. How did you come up with the ideas for both Finkleton series and My name is Rapunzel ?
The idea for the Finkleton series came to me in a dream, then I pulled from what I knew. I visited Bath, England once and I fell in love with the place. The village of Finkleton exists when there wasn’t any electricity or telephones. There were horse drawn carriages and the children were more responsible at a younger age, respected everyone, did their chores and were hard workers. In the Finkle’s shop, the children run the family store. That part of the story came to me because of my own mother. When she was only eight years old, she worked for my great uncle in his small general store. She would stand on a milk crate to reach the cash register when people bought supplies. The money she earned went directly to her family to help support them.
The idea for My Name is Rapunzel came to me, from driving by (twice a week) an actual castle not far from where I live. It’s amazing! It has four tall turrets and I’ve always imagined one of them being for Rapunzel. I told my husband, if we ever owned a castle (which I don’t think will ever happen), that I’d hang a large blonde braid from one of the turrets, lol. Recently, I’ve read several fairy tale retellings, but Rapunzel has always been on my mind, because of the castle I see each week. I thought about my own story about Rapunzel and started asking myself, „What if?”
2. The book 90 miles to Freedom is about someone you know or met ?
90 Miles to Freedom is pure fiction. To be honest, the characters do mimic my family. My husband swears, George Scott stole his identity! 90 Miles to Freedom came to me in a dream, while we were on vacation in Florida. I woke up from a bad dream at 4 am, then fumbled around in the dark (so I wouldn’t wake anyone up) and scribbled some of the dream on the back of a business card. I didn’t want to forget the dream! The dream continued to replay in my mind like a movie, until I started writing about it. I wrote it like I was watching a movie and I had to describe everything to the reader. I still have the business card that I scribbled part of the dream on. It’s amazing that I could make out what I wrote (in the dark)!
3. When you write a book you try to put in words , describe maybe , people you know ? Or you just describe the characters based on his/her actions ? *you know , like when they have small green eyes which means they are mean , curious , stuff like that*
Oh, yes, most of the time I describe characters from people I know, how they act, what they look like and how they talk. Sometimes, I use one person’s looks and another person’s attitude. It’s fun to come up with new characters that way.
4. Who would you see in the movies adaptations of your books?
Oh, I love character association!
The Finkleton series
William Finkle: Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Colin Firth or Jeffrey Dean.
Emma Finkle: Emma Thompson
Jack Finkle: Asa Butterfield
Lizzy Finkle: Chloe Moretz
Robert Finkle: Asa Butterfield (he would be great as Jack or Robert)
Uncle Harry: Sean Connery or Sir Ian McKellen
Miss Caroline Florentine: Maggie Smith
Lewis Lowsley: Sir Ben Kingsley
90 Miles to Freedom
George Scott: Kevin Costner
Betty Scott: Dian Lane
Collin Scott: Leonardo DiCaprio or James Franco
Joey Scott: Zac Efron
Adelio: Gael Garcia Bernal
Gavin Perez: Johnny Dep
Morgan: My lovely daughter 🙂
Pello: Johnny Depp (he would be great as Gavin or Pello)
5. If you could go back in time , which period would you choose?
If I were to go back in time, I’d choose the Regency period. Ohhh, the carriage rides, the fine dresses, the balls and no television, internet or telephone. I would have more time to read books!
6. Where would you rather live: Hogwarts , Narnia , Half-Blood Camp , Evernight Academy , Forks or Fell’s Church ?
Oh, gosh this is a tough questions! Hmmm. I think I’d have to choose… Hogwarts!
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Books or E-books? Books (but I LOVE eBooks too)
Tablet or old-school notebook? Old-school notebook and I still  use them 🙂
Vampires or werewolfs? Werewolves
Vampire Diaries or Twilight Saga? Twilight Saga
Team Peeta or Team Gale? Team Peeta
Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Gryffindor
Do you read scary/horror books? No. They creep me out too much and I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’m a big chicken!
And the final task , can you send a message to your future romanian readers?
Hello everyone! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading a little about myself and my books. If you enjoy reading Children’s/Middle Grade, Adult Fiction or YA, I do hope you enjoy reading one of my books.
On a more personal note, I have a full time job. I’m married to a wonderful husband. We have some awesome grown-up children, adorable grandchilden and a dog. I love Diet Coke, Pizza and Chocolate. I love to watch movies and read as many books as I can. When I’ve had a busy day at work, I tend to read a book to settle myself down. I love to get lost in other imaginary worlds. I tend to stay up late at night reading or writing. I enjoy reading Historical Romance, Adult Fiction, Adult Romance, YA and Middle-Grade.
My website is full of information You can also find me on, (MrsKcHilton), (kchilton1) and of course,
Cartile le gasiti pe BookDepository si pe Amazon.

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