Cover reveal: Mind games by Kiersten White

Cover reveal: Mind games by Kiersten White

So, remember how I have that trilogy, the last book of which will be out on July 24th? And how those covers are super beautiful and I love them and when I thought about having another, unrelated book covered I couldn’t even begin to imagine what I wanted?

Yeah. I remember that, too.

Then I saw this, and my world exploded:
Guys, I can’t even. I love that the girl is overlaid with all of these images–unsettling images–that put together a picture of her. I love that half of her face is in shadow. I love that she is looking straight at the reader in an almost challenging way. I love that it’s a beautiful cover, but also slightly off, slightly disturbing once you look closer. I love the colors. I love the font.


I love that this cover feels like exactly–EXACTLY–how this book should look. I’ve had it since January, and every time I open it I get goosebumps and can’t look away.


Huge, huge, mad crazy props to Alison Donalty and Michelle Taormina, the design geniuses at HarperTeen behind both ENDLESSLY (and the entire Paranormalcy series, in Alison’s case) and MIND GAMES. As an author you really don’t have any say in what the books you’ve written and edited and crafted end up looking like on the shelves. Sometimes that’s scary. But never when you have Alison and Michelle on your team!
Seriously, I don’t know what else to say. (Besides, yes, I can finally buy green sharpies!!) And the three mini-covers of my other books make me all fluttery-happy. I’m so beyond giddy and thrilled with this cover, and I cannot wait for you to be able to read the book on February 19th!

Heh. Let’s pretend like that’s much closer than it is. If only I had another book coming out before then…

Kiersten Whites


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